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Achieving Competitive Advantage Through Modern CX
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Tailoring user experience elevates the brand’s essence and delivers moments to customers that resonate and delight.

Our approach is human-centered, evidence-based and curious. Flycatch CX design approach focussed to bridge the customer expectations and digital to achieve seamless, intuitive and meaningful experiences. Inturn deepen the relationships and abstract the CX complexity.

We work with Flycatch in some big projects, the dedication, understanding speed, response to the code change or function in web dev requirements was on spot. i wish the team very good luck ! and i recommend Flycatch anywhere in retail industry.
IT Manager
Retail Company, Kuwait

Flycatch’s iterative framework helps you define, refine and execute against your holistic user portfolio. Extensive evaluation of your business landscape and co-create human centered solutions and other dimensions that matter most.

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Flycatch's “total design” solution pairs evidence-based discovery with aspirational design to arrive at a digital CX vision. This is differentiated from the conventional approach being it should be impactful and achievable within your ecosystem.

We are well focused on the human-centered approach – for all levels of user portfolio with equality and importance. We believe this is the most important factor to vitalise a digital landscape.

 UX Research
UX Research

Research is the cornerstone of the UX design process to accurately define User Persona. Based on the outcomes of the Research and its credible insights, the UX and UI designers will create Information Architectures and Interfaces. These would best compliment the empathetic user expectations which aligns with client’s Business Goals. Here are our major UI/UX research guidelines

  • Quantitative Research
  • Qualitative Research
  • Defining User Persona
  • Determining User Preferences and Choices
  • Market Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis


Information architecture ignites a well defined logical approach on user preference and choices. Envisioning user interaction hot points, ideal path to finish the task, user flows and navigations are the key success factors of Flycatch’s ”total design” approach. A well orchestrated information architecture design is inevitable to accomplish this.

  • Native Design
  • Data Navigation setup
  • Data Organisation (Screen Flow)
  • Data Label Placements
  • Data Search Placements


Whether you need a design to ensure the technical feasibility of the Product idea that you have or you need a design to convince Stakeholders or Financers to obtain Seed Funding or Project finance, our designers have the expertise and the exposure that is required to create designs that can be used to convince all.

Flycatch’s “total design” methodology derived from extensive experience and retrospections of many projects. Prototypes and wireframes proven to be the vital segment of winning user minds upfront. Making a customer dream about an envisioned digital landscape is the pivotal step in the digital journey.

  • Prototypes Design
  • Wireframes Design
  • Mock-up Design


UI elements are the most important component in a digital landscape now since the world is more inclined towards the Virtual World. Flycatch UI design offerings drive an application beyond just a tool of attraction, but to serve the purpose of User Engagement and in defining the unique Brand Image that creates a long lasting impression on the users’ mind.

  • Layout Design
  • Image and Graphics Design
  • Fonts and Colour Hierarchy Design
  • Iconography
With a collective decades of experience in designing and delivering UI and UX services, Flycatch could orchestrate well defined, industry proven and established design standards, workflows, and guidelines. Flycatch “total design” framework ensures the user is the epicentre of the entire design process which evolves through a continuous cyclical process.
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