Are you digitally mature?
How far into your digital transformation journey are you?

In today’s fast-paced hybrid cloud world, being at business speed means overcoming IT complexity to match the speed of actions to the speed of opportunities. Deploy the right technology to respond quickly to market possibilities.

Our technology seamlessly delivers the data and insight enterprises need to empower the modern workforce. We help customers become more sustainable and profitable across engineering and operations, and maximize asset, production and supply chain performance.


The Digital transformation era makes the leaders embrace and invest in digital transformation to keep up with the competition or succumb to digital Darwinism—the phenomenon when technology and society evolve faster than an organization can adapt.

The International Data Corporation states 85% of enterprise decision-makers are on the run to implement digital transformation in their businesses, or they’ll fall behind the competition and struggle financially.

Digital transformation, the buzzword, has stood out in the internet and software space for quite a few years and is still flying high. Past years, software service providers from medium to enterprise segments focused on disruptive ideas and digital transformation solutions across verticals. The Internet is flooded with a lot of content in this regard. However, small players in this space have to cross a lot of hurdles to attain maturity and claim something credible.
Accelerate innovation
At Flycatch, we partner with customers to lead this transformation, enhancing engineering, operations, and performance, to maximize business value. Our comprehensive software portfolio provides everything you need to transform your industry and unlock real business value.

Application Development
What could your business do better if you digitally transformed? There can be phenomenal shift in productivity and revenue through enhanced digital engagement strategies.

By incorporating intelligence through user behaviour analysis and location awareness, and a secure-by-design approach, you can deliver trusted customer-centric experiences that boost loyalty and revenues, and employee-centric experiences that improve collaboration and productivity. 

Application Modernization
Accelerate and enrich decision-making while advancing real time action and automation in the physical world. With an edge-to-core intelligent data platform, you can ingest data from disparate sources at scale and use machine learning to surface and act on previously hidden insights.  Our approach designs in adaptive security at scale to ensure trust and control.

Application Maintenance
Operational agility, engineering efficiency and an empowered workforce depend on digital acceleration to cloud based solutions. Speed time to value with cloud-native development. Minimise release cycle time through automation, and scale applications effortlessly.

Application Maintenance
How does your business meet the ever-expanding expectations of today’s customers? Flycatch will help you reimagine and modernize your core applications and IT infrastructure to meet your business’s increasing demands—all while ensuring the highest levels of security.
We leverage our deep understanding of modern technologies, applications, infrastructure, security, operations, industry domains and human-centric design to mitigate transformation risks as you build for the future. In addition, we envision and deploy simple and elegant solutions, transforming and streamlining applications and infrastructure at speed and scale—all to help you deliver on the promise of digital for your business and drive growth.
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