Cloud Services
Hybrid, open and managed cloud services across multiple security-rich cloud environments.

Flycatch Cloud Enablement program can move your business-critical workloads to the cloud in a short span, using proven methodology, proprietary tools and industry expertise.

Flycatch Services for cloud uses the portability of containers like Kubernetes at scale, helping you to modernize mission-critical applications and infrastructure faster in a hybrid multicloud environment with less effort, development time and expense. Flycatch's cloud expertise helps simplify your multicloud architecture and provides full visibility, governance and compliance across cloud environments. This helps optimize your process, reducing time spend and IT operations expenses.

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Proving to be extremely dedicated and highly capable, the Flycatch team has delivered high-quality technical solutions on all projects. They have acted as an extension of the client’s team, performing well in both independent and collaborative environments while proactively managing projects.
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Healthcare Tech Company, USA
We want to achieve the DevOps Vision by having the following strategy:


Empower your teams to build cloud-native apps using microservices code generation and improve DevOps processes.


Our cloud expertise provides full visibility, governance and compliance across cloud environments — all supported by consistent service-level support.


Get help from our experts to optimize your resources. Cut the cost with the help of our custom tailored cloud solutions for your digitally enabled business.

Cloud services
Flycatch Multicloud Infrastructure Development Services provides an effective way to begin your multicloud build journey with a customized strategy, architecture, design and roadmap. It helps you construct hybrid multicloud environments that are secure, resilient, scalable and open by design.

Application Development
To empower the digitally enabled business, it is critical to define where and how cloud can deliver maximum benefits. Flycatch cloud consulting tailor your cloud journey to help you achieve business agility and digital transformation.

Flycatch Cloud Consulting continuously leverages extensive client engagements to construct modernization frameworks, benchmark operating models and refine change management for successful end-to-end cloud deployment and utilization. The Flycatch Cloud consulting mechanism intend forward-looking points of view, industry benchmarks and frameworks to align cloud operations to the digitally enabled business paradigm.

Application Modernization
Flycatch Cloud Migration accelerates your cloud adoption journey with the help of a concrete framework ensures seamless, low-risk, security-centric and cost-optimized approach that addresses your migration challenges.
Flycatch helps you execute your cloud migration strategy by assessing your applications portfolio and migrating it to your preferred choice of cloud services. Cloud Migrate accelerates your cloud adoption journey with a low-risk approach that addresses your migration challenges.

Application Maintenance
Flycatch’s Hybrid Cloud offers a complete package of secure, integrated and managed platform to orchestrate applications span around multiple cloud services. Our Hybrid Cloud offering provides a comprehensive portfolio of services covering design, build, migrate and operate across private and public cloud environment.
The Hybrid Cloud offering enables business to benefit from latest cloud trending to bring lucrative business growth while optimizing the existing IT investment. Dynamic orchestration of application workloads between the public and private cloud is the highlight here. In addition unify the underlying architecture with integrated processes, tools and comprehensive governance. 

Application Optimization & Standardization
Flycatch works with medium size business to global enterprises to build robust, modern and secure digital platforms on AWS Cloud. Our AWS Cloud solutions enable you to speed innovation, scale business services, improve operational agility and transform into a modern, digital enterprise.
Flycatch can accelerate your digital transformation journey by modernizing your core platform, application, data and security as well as address industry-specific needs. Our platform expertise help you unlock new business opportunities and provide richer and differentiated customer experiences.

Application Optimization & Standardization
Flycatch offers well orchestrated solution to minimise the risks of cloud migration by understanding the risk and compliance requirements, as well as implications to applications and identities. The security is overlooked in many cases during the migration and post migration in the form of lack of visibility, control and expertise which can present severe security threats to your operation.
Flycatch Cloud Security solution protect your business across public and hybrid cloud environments. We ensure a smooth transition to cloud and minimize the security risks of migration by employing a custom tailored set of security solutions.

Application Optimization & Standardization
With cloud optimization, you can improve cloud performance and reduce costs. This helps you enhance customer experiences, drive differentiation and decrease your time to market.
Our team of solutions-agnostic, cloud-specialized experts can help you engineer and architect the infrastructure you need to meet your business goals. We have the expertise to give you guidance on reducing cloud spend, and deliver the flexibility to pay only for the services you need. Regardless of where you are in your cloud journey, Flycatch will assess your current environment. We will provide best-practice recommendations on cloud optimization, design and implement your cloud solution, and provide continuous optimization so you can stay ahead of the curve.
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