Legacy to Cloud Migration
Prioritize modernization and achieve higher ROI.

Modernization helps software teams optimize existing applications for multicloud and Hybrid Cloud more distributed computing paradigms, rather than requiring them to rebuild their critical applications from scratch. As a result, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud are two of the most prominent catalysts for legacy modernization.

A related modernization trend is the IT industry’s embrace of containers and orchestration as a means for packaging, deploying and managing applications and workloads. While you can containerize a legacy app, containers are viewed as an optimal fit for a more decoupled approach to development and operations—namely, microservices architecture.

Hybrid and multicloud application platform

Flycatch’s Hybrid Cloud service offerings delivers a secure, integrated and managed platform to orchestrate applications across multiple cloud landing zones. To offer exceptional customer experience and stay important to the market in the digital economy organization should come out of the cocoons of legacy applications and reimage their IT Backbones.

Flycatch’s Hybrid Cloud offering enables you to benefit from new cloud technologies to bring powerful improvements while optimizing your existing IT landscape. You can dynamically orchestrate application workloads between the different clouds, and unify your underlying architecture with integrated processes, tools and comprehensive governance.

Cloud-native application development

Build, run, and operate cloud-native apps with AWS, Digital Ocean, Oracle and Azure. Embrace modern approaches like serverless, microservices, and containers. Quickly code, build, deploy, and manage without compromising security or quality.

Application development and delivery with serverless

Develop, deploy, and scale applications fast and securely in a fully managed serverless environment. Flycatch is having exptensive expertize in offering serverless compute platform in prominent cloud providers abstracts away all infrastructure management by automatically scaling up and down from zero almost instantaneously, depending on traffic.

Enable faster and more secure development, deployment, and operations

Application Migration

Migrating applications to cloud helps to reduce application operational management and delivery timelines. Flycatch offers assessments by our experts to perform a cost benefit analysis and provide an optimum

Use discovery and assessment tools to understand the cost benefit of moving to the cloud, then execute using our portfolio of migration solutions

API Management

Prolong the life of the existing application by abstracting the existing services with API. Flycatch is having tremedious experience in devlievring solution with propriety cloud API management platforms and open source systems like Kong etc.

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