Database Migration
Prioritize modernization and achieve higher ROI.

Some of the Legacy databases are not capable to cater the hefty data processing requirements of the modern application and business. Flycatch offers expert consulting the reengineering solution implementation help organizations evolve into more robust systems, deploying a new database all at once may lead to operational failure. Advanced application re-engineering methodologies promote phased database migration so that there is minimal disruption in the business process.

Refactoring legacy code

When systems have a massive dump of legacy code in the system, it can be re-engineered by breaking it down and replacing small bits of code of the entire bigger picture. Each section can be tested and securely integrated to ensure that the core functionality remains the same.

Performance Improvement

Re-engineering processes can help identify and modify the root cause of poor performance in a software system. An application’s performance can show far-reaching improvements through increased speed, and lesser utilization of resources. The process depth and breadth must be clearly defined, in order to have clear goals, for the developer. Application re-engineering process enables businesses to add functionalities to their systems without building new software from the ground up. It presents an opportunity for the organization to analyze and improve their operations to increase ROI.

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