26 Mar 2022
How Web3 is going to change tech world?
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Have you ever wondered how ‘Big Tech’ companies control the information spread to different spheres of society and how it has caused misinterpretation of various news all over the world? This is mainly due to the centralization of information, and it has been commanded by few companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. This centralization has eventually resulted in tech monopoly in the news being shared to the world. Decentralization of servers is a way to eliminate this deadlock created by Big Tech companies which is already in place managed by blockchain technology.  

Data Protection

Web3 has redefined net surfing in terms of decentralization and zero third-party intervention in any transactions or data management. As it is built on block chain technology, Web3 protects the data with encryption and distributed computing. Hence, other than the owners with encryption value, none can change the information, and this ensures the authenticity of data. When a user is sharing the data in Web3, a platform is created for the user and they can claim profit from the data being read by different customers. 

File Sharing

The file or post shared by one user is distributed among all servers and computers and if the data in one file is mismatching with other files, then the data is invalid. Only the user who shared the data can edit the same with encryption key. Someone who has the encryption key should get permission from the owner to edit the data or should sort permission from the entire distributed network. 

Here corporate companies are not involved as data is being controlled by the one who shared the same. This helps in creating trust among users and them being benefitted with tokens for sharing the information. In simple words, if I post a comment on any post on social media or if I review any product online, I receive a token for my contribution and these tokens can be reclaimed for value or can be used for any kind of votes in the platform. 

Less dependency

When a user surfs internet to use social media or purchase items online, a single user account is created on the public platform of blockchain where user details are not shared unless they wish to do so. This helps users to manage and control their personal data as well as save time while browsing different data platforms. Dependency on cloud platforms and browsing services will be reduced when the data is not centralized and this helps users to have flawless experience of internet with ownership of their own data. 

Web3, a safe heaven

When we see people getting connected via social media in current scenario, Web3 connects more people with its decentralization technique where social media platforms will be hosted by people itself. This helps in security of data along with privacy in surfing anything online. With Web3 in place, we need not worry about third person interference in personal data or even our online space. We have control on anything we see online.  Let us conclude Web3 like this ‘making internet work better and safe’.


Written by
Muneer M
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