20 Apr 2022
How AWS helps startups?
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Cloud services are one of the essential factors for startups embarking on the digital journey. The choice between the cloud providers can be the first and foremost concern for many. Almost every service provider covers the baseline offerings of unlimited computing power, storage, and security within their packages. Along with, the facility choosing the scaling capacity and hardware size to keep the budget under control is another advantage of using the cloud providers.

Having more than 33% of the market presents, Amazon’s AWS stands out as the most preferred provider for organizations from small scales to large scales. If you are a startup stepping into the cloud arena, here are some of the tips that can be considered and may help you empower your digital journey.

AWS Activate

There are special programs set out by AWS that help startups to begin their journey with cloud computing. AWS Activate provides credits in which the start-up should be less than 10-year-old and gives a free trial account to search various options to start the cloud activities. It helps to scale easily and we should pay only for what we use in the cloud. Service executives are available to clarify the technical doubts and there are prebuilt templates available for start-ups with various offers for the price.

AWS – Startup Friendly

From the onset itself, AWS has initiated a multitude of startup acceleration programs which is the best ground to explore the cloud computing arena. 

  • The programs such as startup blogs and startup podcasts help to build confidence whereas startup building provides platforms to build any new application or transfer the applications into AWS. 
  • Without compromising on the application security, the deployment exercise was made painless. 
  • The application monitoring mechanism helps to control the cost which makes AWS much more reliable. 
  • Free digital training is facilitated for newcomers for a seamless start. 

AWS – Startup Lofts

AWS Startup Lofts helps startups solve technical challenges, hire the right engineers, or start a fundraising round through the physical and virtual setup for free.  The Lofts are physical sites where startup founders and developers meet to attend technical and business sessions, get in-person answers to AWS technical questions, and collaborate in the co-working spaces – all at no cost.

Through Virtual Loft anyone with an AWS account can access digital content, programs, and workshops to continue developing and growing the startup with AWS.

Startup Resources

AWS offers a large array of resources that are exclusively for startups to help them explore - all at no cost.

The consistency in high performance with a multitude of service lists makes AWS a go-to cloud resource not only among startups but multinational companies as well. By ensuring reliability, scalability, speed, and security AWS make its customers look good among other clients.


Any startup having a concrete cloud strategy can opt for AWS without leaving room for confusion. The AWS-backed system will offer the luxury to scale infinitely along with modifying the capabilities as required. Having said that, AWS will give the freedom and space to explore the business without being limited to any technology barriers to explore the next level of business. 


Written by
Muneer M
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