11 Mar 2021
Flycatch: Fantastic First Flight Yes!!
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We are completing one year in the IT fraternity. 

One year ago today, Flycatch was founded with the goal of helping our clients create their future through sustainable innovation to the world of digitization with the help of state of art technologies at an affordable cost. We remain firmly committed to this goal and will do everything within our power to make this happen. 

Below we have collected some of our most memorable moments from the last year. As we look back, we would like to thank our esteemed customers trusted in our capability and quality, Flycatch family, supporters, and all those who believed in what we are working so hard to accomplish. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to an exciting future. 

It was a metamorphic journey for Flycatch last few years, Even way before the birth of Flycatch logo, the very essence of Flycatch DNA been embedded within another well-established software service provider till 2020, where our operations were consolidated within a bigger umbrella. Further, Flycatch started to fly on its own and incorporated as an independent entity with its Red and Black identity to prove the world that we never deviate from our ethics, which we would never compromise. 

As an independent entity, Flycatch started operations officially on March 11th  with 3 employees. Too small of a group with big dreams, having a lot of challenges of not completely knowing the challenges ahead but with a common goal of building up an amazing company. A company can offer jobs to the youth, hold social responsibility and offer quality services to our clients on strong ethical beliefs.

We’ve tailored smart systems and automations streamlining our operations, HR and delivery processes. As a result, we could build our own identity and cultivate the “Flycatch culture” in a very short span of time. Our team/hard-work and a new way of engaging with clients brought great business opportunities beyond what a small company can think of.

Like any other companies out there in the global market, Pandemic had been a big hit for our marketing and operations. The struggle in the hiring process continued for months and team growth looked unrealistic near the future. Having a label of a start-up did affect a bit to bring in senior technologists to our family. In terms of business we have been approached by quite a lot of ventures for multiple-projects and the corona climate turned everything down. We were disappointed a bit over all of these happening around, however, the self-realisation of the global situation made us utilize the time to build internal competencies and formulate the Flycatch flagship products. The only mantra we believe is “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity

However, the last 6 months have been a prime time for us where transformative changes have happened in our approach, business and team strength. We could win amazing opportunities from the top two pharmaceutical giants and Insurance providers in the US and middle-east markets which is totally unrealistic for a small venture of our size and identity. We are targeting to grow to a 40 member team by the end of 2021.

We are very proud of our unconventional startup journey with our concrete strategies, systems and processes that have been formulated out of the advice from the top-level executives of reputed MNCs. Let me borrow an inspiring line usually delivered by one of my colleagues, “We are 101% confident that our dreams will come into fruition tomorrow paying us back for all our efforts” and here we are to fly together and take you to the dream. 

On this special occasion let me conclude by thanking all our clients who supported us during the crisis, our dearest colleagues, the real pillars of Flycatch who’d been with us during the ups and downs and our supporters spanning around the world.

Written by
Muneer M
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