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Flycatch creating a framework for success with new approach to application development. Companies must continuously evolve and integrate applications to meet change as it happens. In this new world, innovation is just as crucial as steady maintenance. That's why we created a unique approach that uses DevOps, Agile, cloud, Automation and more to bring you unparalleled speed, efficiency and productivity on an ongoing basis

FlyCatch offers a portfolio of tools and services for the mobile enterprise that extend the market reach and drive business growth when properly integrated across all channels. Our delivery services reinvent the way you design and develop custom mobile applications—from UI an UX design, building the architecture, programming and launching the product to the app stores with quality marketing and channeling support.

Become A Market leader
We work with Great Minds

At Flycatch, we believe that those who challenge the status quo today will do remarkable things tomorrow.

Drive transformation digitally
Shifting business models, rapidly evolving technologies and changing customer preferences demand applications to be nimble, future-proof and transformative.
Our Application Delivery Services (ADS) helps our client to integrate complex systems, upgrade legacy platforms, automate processes and orchestrate the solutions under the modern rapid application development umbrella.

Application Development
Our next-gen app development offering simplifies business complexities. Flycatch offers Application development with any level of complexities. We harness the power of modern Web application Development, API integrations to build well-orchestrated Digital application and Platforms. Beyond just developing software, we educate our customers with standard industry practices for an agile and early ROI solution delivery.
Smart DevOps-driven application Development
Speed time-to-market with rapid application development and enhancement, mechanized through automation, IPs, open source, low-code/no-code principles and third-party technology stacks.
Industry solutions
Employ a product-centric approach leveraging our rich domain expertise and advanced engineering principles to achieve faster time to value. Develop tailored, domain-specific solutions to help meet your unique demands.
Application integration
API Driven application integration expertize enable seamless integration and data/workflow transformation across applications. Speed time to market and enterprise agility through flexible application architecture and a configuration-driven approach.

Application Modernization
Flycatch accelerate application modernization with latest technologies and platform driven solutions.
Application-led cloud migration
Employ a platform-driven approach to cloud migration, making applications digital-ready while ensuring agility, elastic scalability and cost-effective modernization. Experienced Flycatch technical crew helps the clients to opt appropriate cloud solution and apt approach for the cloud movement.
Legacy modernization
Modernize legacy applications and their ecosystem to a cost-effective modern platform, using a fully automated, tools-based approach. Flycatch’s expertize helps the client in planning uninterrupted and smooth transition and legacy shutdown.
Technology upgrades
Upgrade technology cost-effectively and migrate applications with assessment and remediation. Technology upgrade needs proper study of the enterprise IT infrastructure and application hotspots. Flycatch’s experienced crew support the clients to make appropriate decisions and right planning for future proof technology upgrades.

Application Maintenance
Industrialize application management through a platform-based application maintenance strategy. Different maintenance mode based on the Application Aura, Automate recurring housekeeping process and continuous monitoring to improve any technical area needs attention.
Hit the Zero Maintence goal
Deliver consistent value by making applications fit for use and fit for purpose, and zero in on zero maintenance.
Overhead and automation management as-a-service
Minimize application overhead, maximize automation and substantially reduce cost across the portfolio. Use your applications to fuel strategic business imperatives through the Smart Automation and Overhead Management framework.
Smart operations
Employ a transformational IT operations maintenance approach to run support operations as a single integrated unit, powered by an integrated tools/process/automation platform that drives operational excellence, agility and cost savings.

Application Optimization & Standardization
Flycatch’s experience in application optimization targets the costs, reliability and is extremely customer centric. Standardization practices helps the clients to reduce the complexities managing the applications as a single integrated unit.
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Proving to be extremely dedicated and highly capable, the Flycatch team has delivered high-quality technical solutions on all projects. They have acted as an extension of the client’s team, performing well in both independent and collaborative environments while proactively managing projects.

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We work with Flycatch in some big projects, the dedication, understanding speed, response to the code change or function in web dev requirements was on spot. i wish the team very good luck ! and i recommend Flycatch anywhere in retail industry.

I rarely come across real talents stand out like the resources of FlyCatch. I had the pleasure of working with them, collaborating on several project teams. Their ability to handle multiple projects was unlike any I've seen before and made a dramatic increase in the productivity level of our company.

FlyCatch is wonderful to work with and has exceptional expertise in frontend(Angular) and deep knowledge in the software development life cycle. The consistency in output and quality of work really helps a lot to overcome crucial situations in the project I have worked with them.

Proving to be extremely dedicated and highly capable, the Flycatch team has delivered high-quality technical solutions on all projects. They have acted as an extension of the client’s team, performing well in both independent and collaborative environments while proactively managing projects.

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Director of Operations & HR
Healthcare Tech Company, USA
IT Manager
Retail Company, Kuwait
Solution Architect
Healthcare Tech Company, USA
IT Service Provider, USA
Director of Operations & HR
Healthcare Tech Company, USA